Saturday Build Update – 2/15/20 – Getting Ready to Drive

Welcome back to another productive build day!! OZone is hard at work pulling everything together.

Coders working on the ‘square method’

Everyone pitched in to work on something, and multiple projects were going on to continue our final preparations.

Our CAD team worked on catching up on what FAB has done. The biggest projects they worked on were the transport and the color wheel spinner, but they also worked on the single-wheeled shooter.

Moving on to our coders, they worked on things like the ‘square method’ and adding parts for the intake and transport. The ‘square method’ will tell us if the robot is squared up to a ball or if it’s angled and needs to fix its alignment, which will be important when we compete in two weeks.

Members working on connecting the robot

In the FAB Lab, many members worked on the robot today. One of the main things they worked on was getting it connected to be able to drive. Some members also worked on the claw and the scissor lift.

Scissor lift
Scissor lift with claw

Lots of work got done today! With all of the many projects going on, everything’s starting to come together. We’ll see you back here for another build day tomorrow!

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