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Welcome to the site of O3Zone, FRC Team #4611 from Powell and Lewis Center, Ohio north of Columbus. Our team belongs to the Olentangy Local School District and consists of high school students from all three high schools in the district: Olentangy Liberty HS, Olentangy Orange HS, and Olentangy HS.

The team was founded in the fall of 2012 and competed in Ultimate Ascent during its inaugural season. Our team name -O3Zone- was chosen because it reflects three Olentangy high schools uniting together to form one team, hence the O3. Since O3 is the chemical formula for ozone, we adopted that name as well to reflect our mission to explore science and technology.

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The O3Zone website theme was designed by Tristan Honscheid, OLHS class of 2014. The site is powered by WordPress and bbPress. This site is hosted on servers provided by Olentangy Local Schools.

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